AT MJ Paving and Masonry, we know that while walkways can serve as a functional element of a home, they can also be a design element that enhances curb appeal.

About Paving Walkways

With over 30 years of paving experience, walkways are one of our company’s specialties, and we can help you design the perfect pathway for your home. Whether you’re in need of a walkway to your front door or one through your garden, our experts will offer you the best solution for your needs and budget.

Walkways Services we Provide

Paver walkways

Paver walkways

Using only the best, quality paving stones from top-rated manufacturers we can design and install a beautiful paver walkway to get you where you are going in style! Our design team will work with you to achieve the perfect look, color, and feel, and our contractors will expertly install your paver walkway, ensuring a long-lasting finished product. Our paving stone projects are backed by a 24-month guarantee because we stand by the quality of our workmanship.

Concrete walkways

Installing a concrete walkway provides endless advantages for homeowners. Not only does concrete create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property, but it is also extremely durable and low-maintenance. Since concrete walkways are impervious to water, the installation will not be compromised by inclement weather conditions or potential flood damage.

Walkway and bush in garden. Also called concrete pavement, floor, passage, path, footpath, pathway or passageway. Include natural plant, lawn and grass. For walking along and decorative park, garden.
Landscape design. Path of white small stones and green grass on a sunny day

Gravel walkways

Affordable, easy to maintain, and beautiful, our gravel walkways are a wonderful option for adding flare and function to your yard. An affordable favorite with landscape designers, gravel has a charm all its own. This material is readily available, inexpensive, easy to work with, and lends itself to many designs and configurations.

Brick walkway

For a classic and timeless look, consider using brick. We can help you to create many different patterns with brick, and they are available in a variety of different styles. Brick is easy to maintain, durable, and rarely fades in color.

Brick walkway


We are also skilled in the repair of existing masonry, as well as restoring existing steps, paths, and foundations. Repairing cracked masonry is slightly more complicated than just patching broken spots. Structural engineers and masons usually work together to assess the strength of the cracked blocks and suggest supportive overhead work or replacements in case they are required. Our company will assess and carry out stonework, stone patching or replacement, brick repairs, masonry cracks, wall repairs, and caulking of different masonry surfaces. Contact us to inquire about our masonry repair services.


pavers? stone? brick? block? Yes!
Steps/Stoops? Yes!
Masonry restoration and repair? Yes!
Concrete work? Yes!

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